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What is Grafting Plant

 What is meant by grafting?

Grafting has the meaning of inserting or gluing something from another organ or tissue part into the organ or core or parent tissue.

In the past, grafting was popular in the medical world, which is adding other cells into our cells to get something better or to get healing from damaged cells that are attacked by disease.

In the modern era, grafting is also used in horticultural technology, which is often referred to as top working.

Topworking or grafting is a technique to change the type or variety of plants without having to dismantle the existing plants by using existing plants called rootstocks and then connected or inserted with plants of superior types or often referred to as scions.

For example, you want to replace an existing citrus variety in the field with a new variety that the market wants quickly without having to dismantle the plant

Topworking or often referred to as grafting plants has many methods, such as budding, whip, cleft, and so on.

The following are some examples of the method of grafting

1. cleft grafting

2. chip budding

3. whip grafting

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