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Litle Hydroponic Green House Provides Clean Air With Greenery On Your Desktop

The folks behindhand the EcoQube screen aquaponics ecosystem at Turquoise Organization Innovations are confirm again with added method of conveyance a slight foliage and living region the national or power, but this instant direction on flora development and "illuminated therapy" to invigorate your desk, with their EcoQube Air.

The production is essentially a mini-greenhouse, comprehensive with lights and a soil-less hydroponic system, along with a dual-stage air filtration system, that can dish as both a virtually proof method of maturation houseplants (or herbs) and as a way of boosting air dimension indoors. The EcoQube Air is also said to act as a "sunlit therapy" manoeuvre to forbear re-sync our circadian periodicity, which may be especially burning in a reality inundated of electronic devices that alter our lives with effulgent lights at all hours of the day.

"We believe the EcoQube Air will help people feel better and improve their home and working environments by bringing nature inside." - Kevin Liang, co-founder and CEO of ADI

One of the most obvious benefits to the EcoQube Air, other than perhaps helping non-greenthumbed people more easily grow houseplants, is the air filtration system. Indoor air entering the system is filtered through a "HEPA-like" mechanical filter to remove pollen, mold, and dust, and then through an activated carbon filter, which can remove additional harmful toxic elements from the air. It is then directed to the growing plant(s) inside the Air unit, which oxygenates the air before it gets returned to the room. According to ADI, the unit's dual fans can "circulate 450 cubic feet of purified air every hour," or enough to fully filter the air in a small room three times per day.

The Air also comes with its own app (of course), which can be used to set up lighting schedules, customize the color schemes, to adjust your own circadian rhythm (by setting specific times to dim the lights or turn them on, and setting the color temperatures and light levels), or just to control the device from across the room.

"You can use the EcoQube Air to influence your own biological clock with the phone app. This helps you wake up feeling refreshed, alleviates insomnia, helps overcome jet lag, improves productivity, and helps prevent seasonal depression." - ADI

The EcoQube Air measures 8" square (20.3 cm) and 16" tall (40.6 cm), is said to require very little maintenance, and to "automatically begin working once it's plugged in." Just launched this morning, the Air has already blown past its initial fundraising goal on Kickstarter, with another 59 days still to run. Backers at the $139 USD level can reserve a unit at essentially $60 off of the retail price, with expected delivery of the units to begin in early 2017.

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