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Large Scale Greenhouse Trial With Substrate From Mars

Increased rooting, less disease somesthesia, a decrease vitality bill, maximum afford. These are fitting few results of the extensive shell advertizing try with Martian grime substrates at Nation building grower Yob de Sjin. The phonetician attack and herb grower got acquainted with Martian modify after indication most it in various interest media. "Researchers from Wageningen University were trialing the Martian change. I realized the possibility of it and bought several Mars to tryout in my own edifice."

The grower did a midget propagation test. "I prefab a mix of perlite and Mars. I got it in weensy exerciser, so I had to infatuation them a bit, but it was fair soft to change a unobjectionable mix, and within a few transactions it was prompt for seeding. Directly after seeding I saw a few sprouts, and before I knew it the plants started to discolour. Within an period I saw the original fruits set. Implausible."

The grower was amazed by the effect of the Martian soil. "I soon transplanted my entire crop on my Mars soil mix. This resulted in much better rooting, fewer root diseases, vigorous crops, and higher yields. But the best thing of this all was that I no longer needed to switch on the supplemental lighting in the winter time; the lamps ignited by themselves, they seemed to be energized by the Mars material. This resulted in a significant decrease of my energy bill."

According to the grower it makes sense that his plants thrive in Mars soil mix. "All over the world people are achieving fairly good results by using coco as a substrate. I thought if this coco from Bounty is a good substrate, Mars material must do even better?"

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