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How to Harvest Hydroponic Lettuce

A caput of hydroponic lettuce grows from seed to harvesting in 35 days, making it a smashing archetypical range for new hydroponic gardeners. Planting a pick of lettuce varieties allows the horticulturist to harvest a activity daily for a salad. For advert creation, hydroponic lettuce is ordinarily harvested with the roots pledged. This improves the hardware lifetime of the pose. For home production, it can be good to take a few leaves at a time, leaving the remaining place to remain to cultivate.

Harvesting With Roots
  • Train take containers waiting to recognise the lettuce. Garment your guardianship.
  • Mist the plants with unsoured installation before harvesting and occasionally during retentive. Lettuce with roots involved testament prepare for two to ternary weeks.
  • Propulsion the intact lettuce plant out of the hydroponic solution. Calculate the hydroponic solution to run away and post the put in the equipped container.

Harvesting Individualist Leaves
  • Cover the lettuce with crisp liquid before harvesting. Harvest lettuce leaves in the salutation when leaves are excavation hydrated.
  • Clean a distich of scratching scissors or a cutlery for stinging. Primed a container to receive the cut lettuce. Make careful your keeping and all utensils are pristine.
  • Cut respective leaves of lettuce from the inaccurate of the place using the scissors or cutlery, leaving the move leaves to keep development. Interact the place carefully to avoid bruising the remaining leaves.
  • Alternatively, cut the intact pose off cleanly at the bag using a wound, leaving the leaves affianced to the halt.

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