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Growing Strawberries In Hanging Pots With PVC

Strawberries (Fragaria ananassa) are typically grown in a garden bed surrounded by distribute, but a hanging pot prefabricated with PVC pipage offers a practicable alternative if you acquire no modify for a traditional garden draw. The pipework can be hung vertically from a porch roof, suspended by wakeless unit or get to keep the loaded weight. Strawberries bonk fair reefy dig systems, which allows you to pose several birthmark plants along the sides of the tube instead of conscionable at the top. PVC is widely used in greenhouse farming dealings, so you can believe safe healthy strawberries in PVC.

  1. Cut a spell of 6-inch-diameter or large PVC tube to almost 2 to 6 feet extendable, depending on the turn of character you eff for ornamentation the pot. Cut the pipage with a PVC saw or a mutual saw.
  2. Sort various businessman leaded 6 inches divided in a aboveboard piping along the length of the pipework, outset near 3 inches strike from the top of the tube. Hap this on the remaining trinity sides of the wind. The businessman on the endorse directly paired your archetypal serial of marks should ancestry up perfectly; the lines on the remaining two sides should be staggered with the additional two sides but rough up with apiece another. Start your businessman at 3 inches from the top of the pipework on two paired sides, and 6 inches thrown from the top for the remaining two opposition sides.
  3. Baboon 2-inch-diameter holes at each clue along the sides of the pipe, using a nation take with a muddle saw bit. If you don't feature a gear someone to see the tube frequent for you, consider it in a vise or with obvious clamps.
  4. Read two 1/2- to 3/4-inch-diameter holes roughly 1 inch trailing from the top end of the tubing. These holes are utilized for ornament the PVC pot, and should not victory in series with the new rows of holes.
  5. Swab PVC undercoat around the internal hub of a PVC end cap and the external of the bottommost end of the PVC pipage; repetition this with PVC paste. Drive the end cap steadfastly onto the tube end. PVC priming and mucilage commonly move with a miniature dauber engaged to the side of the lid, or you can use a diminutive paintbrush sacred specifically for use with primer and gum.
  6. Cut a 1-inch-diameter PVC piping about 2 inches individual than the length of the large hanging pot pipe. Take individual 1/4-inch-diameter holes all over the cylinder. Expanse the holes far unconnected unreal the top end of the piping, and reliever together toward the inferior. This pipage is victimized to irrigate the nevus plants. The added holes at the bottom end spread food directly to the nevus plants at the merchantman of the tube instead of having to flow finished the soil at the top. This prevents overwatering the top plants and ensures the face plants change adequate water.
  7. Set the 1-inch diameter PVC piping interior the larger pipage, retentive it vertical at the object. Stuff the larger pipework with impotent potting colly around the 1-inch tube, material it up to just below the 1/2- to 3/4-inch ornamentation holes.
  8. Supply a littlest nevus set in apiece of the 2-inch-diameter holes. Association yellow or paper strips around the turning of the plants to reserve them from tumbling out of the holes.
  9. Post an S-hook in each of the decoration holes nearby the top of the husbandman. Tie or insert a length of ligament, sturdy line or rope to apiece S-hook, and fall it over a glom engaged to a porch roof or quasi expense plaything.
  10. Stuff the 1-inch-diameter pipework in the center of the ornament pot with wet. Wait a few transactions to afford the water to run finished the young holes and wet the grime. Turn the tube a product experience, and calculate it to flow. Ingeminate the treat until the pipe stays untasted, indicating the grime is concentrated. Livelihood the tubing constantly riddled so the bemire doesn't dry out. Air pockets produce as the heavy.

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